Terms & Conditions


– Reservations made with Malmerendas Boutique Lodging (also called Malmerendas hereafter), in person, on our website or through Online Travel Agencies (OTA hereafter), will have to be guaranteed with a credit card accepted by us, indicating the name of the holder, the card number, the expiration date and the security number.
– These credit card details will be retained until 7 days after the check-out. All personal data will be received and processed securely.
– A reservation implies an acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Additional Occupation

– All accommodations are double, that is, for two people, one of them must be over 18 years old, and will be the responsible and the supervisor of the minors at all times of their stay.
– All requests for an additional occupancy must be made at the time of booking (only available in the accommodation that allows it) or later in writing, always according to the availability of the selected accommodation.
– Changes of accommodations for additional occupancy are subject to availability.
– For children under 2 years, we have a baby cot available with the cost of €10,00 per night.
– Additional occupancy with children between 2 and 12 years old will incur an additional cost of 20% of the total stay.
– For youngsters from 13 years old or adults in extra occupancy, the cost will be 40% of the total value of the stay.
* The only accommodation that does not allow a baby cot placement is the Junior Suite.
* Accommodation equipped with sofa bed for 1 person: Superior King Studio
* Accommodation equipped with sofa bed for 2 persons: Attic Loft and Garden Studio.
– Under no circumstances, may the maximum number of occupants foreseen in each accommodation be exceeded.


– No animals of any kind, even pets, are permitted.


Check-in & Check-out

– Malmerendas does not have a permanent operation reception, therefore it is obligatory the communication of the time of arrival in advance of at least 24h.
– The check-in time is between 3 pm and 8 pm (or 10 pm in summer season). Any check-in outside of these hours must be previously communicated so that the “auto check-in” procedure is sent.
– In order to comply with the legal provisions for registration of foreigners and for security reasons, we will register at the time of check-in the data of all occupants of the accommodation (including minors), for which all guests must present an identification document with photograph.
– All accommodations must be vacated by 12 pm on the day of departure. If this does not happen, we are entitled to charge 50% of the price of one night. If the accommodation is vacated only after 2:00 pm, the total price of one night will be charged, or the next guest’s rehousing price, if applicable.
– The keys of the accommodation need to be left at the reception upon departure; in case of loss will be charged € 25 per item.



– Malmerendas will charge all “Non-Refundable” reservations as soon as they are received.
– In the “Flexible” reservations, the credit card presented in the reservation, will be pre-authorized 10 days before the arrival of the guest. However, the payment of the reservation amount is made in person during the check-in.
– The payment can be made in cash, through debit or credit card.
– Only in case of cancellations or NO SHOW, in case of damage or theft, or where there is an amount to be settled, the respective values can be charged in the credit card indicated in the reservation, according to the bill, to be sent to the guest by email.
– Extra services during the stay must be paid until the moment of the “check-out”.
– Payments will only be accepted by PayPal in case of “Non-Refundable” reservations made through our website, and the amount is immediately transferred to our account.
– According to the regulation of 63/2018 of the Municipality of Porto, the Tourist Municipal Fee will be charged, in the amount of €2,00 per night, to all guests over 13 years of age, in order to continue to ensure Porto as a sustainable reference destination.


Credit cards accepted

– Euro/Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Visa, Diners Club, Maestro, UnionPay.
– Only credit card holders will be accepted. If the cardholder is not present, then proof of authorization must be given at the time of payment.
– We do not accept other currencies or bank checks as payment.



– The “Non-Refundable” reservations are not subject to cancellation or changes.
– Requests for cancellation and changes (subject to availability) of the “Flexible” reservations must be made in writing, with the respective date and time.
– If this request is made up to one week (7 days) before the date of arrival, no penalty will be charged.
– The total amount of the reservation will be charged if cancellation/changes are made less than 7 days before the expected date of arrival, as well as in the NO SHOW cases.
– When it comes to premature departure, the guest will not be entitled to any refund.
– If the reservation is canceled due to Malmerendas responsibility, the guest will have a full refund of the payments made, as long as the cause of the cancellation does not come from the respective guest.
– From that moment on, Malmerendas will no longer have any responsibility to the guest, resulting from such cancellation.


Guest behavior

– Guests must behave appropriately at all times of the stay, in accordance with this regulation and in accordance with the instructions of Malmerendas staff regarding respect for them, property and other guests.
– As a matter of respect for rest of the other guests, noisy behavior is not accepted between 10 pm and 8 am. If this information is not respected, we reserve the right to refuse accommodation or any other services and we are entitled to request the guest to leave.
– When this is the case, Malmerendas shall have no obligation to refund the guest for the lost accommodation, services or any other loss or expense incurred thereby.
It is expressly forbidden to use any of the objects or utensils available in the accommodation, outside of Malmerendas. In case of theft of an object or utensil, Malmerendas reserves the right to charge the respective value on the credit card of the guest, provided to guarantee the reservation.


Security Rules

– Although Porto is a quiet city, urban environments can be conducive to less secure situations. We therefore recommend some precautions to our guests, especially during nighttime.
– For those with a car, it is essential not to reveal valuables inside the vehicle.
– Guests must also take all necessary precautions to prevent theft within Malmerendas. It is advisable to check all doors and windows before leaving your accommodation. For your own safety, pay particular attention to the front door and make sure the door is closed.
– In order to prevent fires and other accidents that could endanger one’s own health, other guests and neighbors, we ask that guests take into account the basic safety rules.



– Guests can use the wireless service free of charge, as long as they use their own electronic equipment; however, Malmerendas is not responsible for any loss of service or data on the equipment.
– Guests are solely responsible for all damages caused in the accommodation or common areas of the building by themselves or their guests or any other persons entering the building due to negligent behavior of the host.
– We are not responsible for any damage to the vehicles of the guests parked in streets adjacent to Malmerendas or parked in the parking lot underneath it, in this case, the vehicles are subject to the regulation of the parking lot in question.


Complementary Information

– Malmerendas has a non-smoking policy, so it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the lodgings. Smoking will only be allowed in the common outdoor areas (terrace and garden) and in the accommodations that have outdoor areas (balconies or terraces).
– Hosts can receive guests between 9 am and 8 pm, obligatorily registered by the reception of the Malmerendas. After 8 pm, only registered guests are allowed to enter.
– The use of the accommodation is not allowed for any purpose that is illegal or is in possession of weapons or any illicit goods.
– Under no circumstances can the accommodation be underwhelmed.
– While there is an effort to ensure that all information in our advertising material is correct at the time of printing, we reserve all rights to change, replace or remove any service or “convenience” at any time without notice and only if required.
– These Terms and Conditions are subject to Portuguese Law.



Malmerendas stresses that the privacy of your personal data is very important. Your personal information will be added to our database, but will not be shared.



A complaint book is available, but we will do everything in our power to make it unnecessary to use it and become a superfluous object over time.


We wish you a wonderful stay!