About us

The Building / Concept

Malmerendas Boutique Lodging is located at Dr. Alves da Veiga street. Alves da Veiga was a portuguese lawyer that became famous for is important roll on the republican revolt of january 31st of 1891 that tried to replace the monarchy for the republic.
Taking this revolutionary spirit we think that the only way to change the city we live in is to project according to our dreams and hopes.
Following that spirit Malmerendas comes together with the desire on offering new standards of accommodation valuing the personal touch and respect for the urban structure. With Malmerendas we hope to add one more reason for you to come to know the city of Porto.



Managing the urban life

Malmerendas Boutique Lodging is presented after an idea of a young couple dedicated in a full time basis to their hometown. This is a new adventure with solid foundations around their personal interests: arts, design, arquitecture, communication, food, people and friends.

Meanwhile, Malmerendas Boutique Lodging met a new owner, who “matured” the concept, adding more amenities and services, so that the guest has a unique experience in the city of Porto.