Wine Bar

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

As it should be, our wine-bar service (from 3 to 10pm) features an extensive offer of Port Wines, from the renowned Graham’s and Cockburn’s houses.

Port Wine is fortified wine, produced exclusively from grapes from the Demarcated Region of Douro, about 200 km East of the city of Oporto. Although produced in the Douro and stored in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, this drink was known as “Port Wine” from the second half of the seventeenth century because it was exported to the whole world from this city. You can get to know our partners better at and



Also from the Douro region we offer the best table wines, Altano wines ( as well as the fabulous wines of Quinta do Vesuvio, .

Also wines from the demarcated wine region from Vinho Verde (Minho, Litoral Norte de Portugal) and Dão (Central-North Portugal) are well represented with the producers Anselmo Mendes and Solar das Bouças, as well as the wines and sparkling wines of Quinta da Falorca, representing the Dão region.

The guest can do a pre-selected tasting or simply enjoy a glass or bottle of wine of your choice, and to accompany our fantastic wines we offer some traditional food, harmonized with each of the selected wines.