Massage Atelier

There is a Massage Atelier by our tranquility garden, which provides excellent means, therapists, and therapies to take care of you.

It specializes in Ayurvedic massage, such as abhyanga and marma, as well as shiatsu, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, and the famous Brazilian modelling massage, which mixes sports massage, deep tissue manipulation, and drainage to improve body and face contours.

Massage is the perfect ally to relief stress, muscle discomfort and pain, drainage and reduce cellulite, and a mix of all techniques can be applied in one single session.

We offer body and face esthetic services, therapies, and protocols selected according to the patient’s needs. Since health and wellbeing of the body is essential to the soul, it provides the perfect environment to relax and also to treat.

By appointment and subject to availability, It has flexible schedules.

Prices vary according to the therapy chosen and the length of the session.

Face: from 25€ to 75€ (session)
Body: from 45€ to 110€ (session)

Facial de 25€ a 75€ (sessão)
Corporal de 45€ a 110€ (sessão)

For information and appointments (scheduling)
+351 912987015

Contact us to know more about special offers for the current month.